Cameron Scott. Guide. Taylor Creek Fly Shop. Basalt, CO

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Water temperatures, flows, and food sources all determine where you will find trout.

The first time I ever heard the phrase “think like a fish," was during a brutally hot  summer afternoon in August on a small Eastern Washington farm river where the trout populations are known to be mildly bad to vacant, not to be confused with sterile.

Suddenly I heard my buddy Chris holler. Looking upstream he was bent into a nice brown trout. Crouched over the fish as Chris let it go, I asked how he’d seemingly done the impossible. “I hadn’t even spotted a fish all afternoon,” he said. He pointed over to the far bank where a few caddis had begun dancing in the shade beneath clumps of overhanging grass; a cool lie protected from both predators and the hot sun. “But then, there it was.”

With over twenty years of fly-fishing and over a decade of guiding, I’ve never found a better way of looking at a river. 

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